Barrel Forging Machines And Other Machines

Austrian GFM GmbH, represented by our company, is the world leader in barrel production with the cold forging method. Almost all known gun manufacturers use cold forging machines, which are the product of the technology developed by GFM, in the production of their barrels. In our country, GFM machines are used in all companies working in the defense industry and producing barrels.

GFM is a company specialized in hot forging as well as cold forging. In addition to billets of various diameters, gun barrels and railway locomotive and wagon axles are forged in hot forging facilities.

Another area of ​​expertise of GFM is the crankshaft and camshaft milling machines it produces for the automotive industry. Many local companies producing in the automotive industry have been using GFM's crank milling machines for years.

The last and special branch of our machine group is the high-speed router machines produced by GFM for the aviation industry. The number of GFM machines in our country, which is also the choice of the Turkish Aviation industry, is increasing every year.

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